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SWAN TAXIS Gift Vouchers

Payment via App

Whether for Christmas, birthdays or even special functions, gift vouchers from SWAN TAXIS are the perfect gift for any occasion. The vouchers come in an attractive, new design and can be used for taxi travel on any SWAN TAXIS fleet (under the branding of SWAN TAXIS, Tricolor, 13Cabs and Silver Service).

Specially designed for convenience and flexibility, the vouchers are available in various denominations from $5, $10, $15, $20 to $50. All vouchers clearly state "Please give change" so if the fare is less than the voucher value, the driver will give the passenger change in cash. If the taxi fare exceeds voucher value, just top up with cash. What's more, there is no expiry date on the vouchers so they can be used at any time.

The vouchers are available for purchase from SWAN TAXIS. Just call 08 9422 2227 or 08 9422 2241 from Monday to Friday between 8.00am to 4.00pm.