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Swan Taxis Operations Area

The nucleus of the organisations communications. The centre is contemporary and incorporates the latest computerised technology, complimented by employees that have completed intensive training and have experience in customer service.

When a telephone call is made to the centre via our new 13 13 30 express line a Customer Service Operator is ready to enter your request into the MTData Dispatch System.

This will automatically allocate the request to the closest and available GPS equipped taxi at the time. The system is so advanced that it allows drivers to plot their position and wait for the work to be automatically allocated to them. It also provides a record of the booking for future reference and the details of the driver/ vehicle carrying out the request.

The Call Centre is large, seating up to 60 Call Centre Operators at any one time. It operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with dedicated teams of valued employees covering your transport needs.

The Call Centre also has other senior staff present 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Other positions include the 'Query Operator' who actually has radio contact with the Drivers if they need assistance. A Screen and Shift Supervisor ensure the calls are received and dispatched in a professional, swift and efficient manner.

The centre averages 6 million calls per year with weekly fluctuations according to different times of the year and the current course of events possibly taking place.