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Our Code of Ethics

As a member of one of three forms of the overall public transport system in Western Australia, Swan Taxis Limited shall up hold:

1. The principle that Taxi service is an integral part of the overall public transport system in Western Australia.

2. The best means of transport available to us will be made available to all taxi users despite race, colour or creed.

3. That we, equally with others committed to the provision of public transport, will ensure the traditions of honesty, integrity and confidentiality are fully maintained within the scope of our operations.

4. That due respect is owed to those with greater knowledge and skills in the art of further development and that we shall be ready to give proper considerations to their advice and counsel.

5. That we shall share, without seeking gain, our knowledge and shall teach our skills to any other person (s) with responsibility for passenger transport.

6. That we, Swan Taxis Limited, shall at all times work with Government and it's servants without thought of political gain.