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Driver Training Program

With the largest fleet of taxis in Western Australia, Swan Taxis has established itself as a Western Australian leader in the taxi industry.

The majority of taxis in Perth operate on the Swan Taxi Network (incorporating Yellow Cabs, Tri-color Taxis, Coastal Cabs, Silver Service Cabs and Easy Access MPT taxis). This is a firm indication of the success of WA's own taxi service, and just another reason to complete your training through Swan Taxis Training Services.

Swan Taxis Training Services is conveniently located in Victoria Park at the Swan Taxis Limited site and utilises the very latest equipment. Fully qualified facilitators conduct all sessions. Our staff are always available to assist you as you attend the training.

If you require any further information regarding becoming a driver for Swan Taxis, please contact Swan Taxis Training Services during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm) on 94222288.

This is what you need to do to become a Professional Taxi Operator. The stages are set out in a 'Pay as you go system'. There are four stages, which will now be listed for you:

STAGE ONE: Apply for a "T" Class Licence

This application can be lodged at any Metropolitan Police Licensing Centre.

The following criteria need to be met:

  1. You must be at least 20 years of age.
  2. You must have held a recognised drivers licence for at least 1 years (12 months).
  3. You must pass a criminal/traffic police check that is carried out by the DOT as part of the application process.
  4. Be of good character.
  5. You must provide 2 character references at the time of your application.
  6. Be mentally and physically fit to drive a motor vehicle for the purposes of carrying passengers for reward.

COST: $103.30

Once you have applied for your "T" Class licence, you can then proceed to the second stage of the application process.

STAGE TWO: Complete an Aptitude and Abilities Assessment

This section of the application process is carried out over two separate appointments.

Appointment One (half a day)

During which, you will carry out a number of exercises, both written and verbal, aimed at determining your abilities and skills in:

Understanding and using the English Language, both in writing and for communication (when you make your appointment for testing, you will be sent a number of example assessments for you to examine prior to attending).

Numeracy, or the use of numbers in making calculations and filling out forms (again you will be provided some examples prior to attending.

Appointment Two (1 hour approx)

During which, you will carry out an interview with the accessor in order to ascertain your psychological make up and, as a result your suitability to become a taxi driver.

Bookings are essential for this section of the application process.

The accredited provider, chosen by the DOT to carry out these assessments is:

Having completed Stages One and Two, you can now proceed to Stage Three of the process.

STAGE THREE: The Professional Taxi Operators Course (8 Days)

This 8 day course is held at Swan Taxis Training Services in Victoria Park.

The course covers all areas required by the candidate to carry out the duties of a Professional Taxi Operator. These include:

How to drive defensively, including: planning your drive, efficient driving observations, driving to allow for the error of others, effective emergency breaking and skid prevention.

The geography of Perth and its outlying areas, including: the location of Perth suburbs, the shortest most effective travel routes, hotels and tourist attractions, sporting venues, hospitals and Police Stations.

Professional Taxi Operators, including: excellent customer service, effective communication skills, handling difficult customers, the "On board" dispatch computer, the taxi meter, the EFTPOS machine, the security camera and emergency procedures, dealing with customers with disabilities and all other areas of taxi operations.

During the training course candidates will be required to carry out a number of assessments. Assessments may be written, verbal or practical.

Competence must be achieved in all assessments.

Assessments are competency based and carried out using "Adult Learning and Assessment" methods.

Candidates will be given high levels of support throughout their training.

Please bring your T Class Endorsement Letter, your Aptitude Test letter, any DOT correspondence and your Drivers Licence.

COST: $995.00 (Promotion Price $699)
(Full cost including the course materials and a map book)

For more information about the course please see the PTOC Information Sheet.

Part-time Course available.

We run a 6 week part time night course. Each session is from 5:00pm sharp to 8:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This course tends to fill fast so be quick to come in and enrol. The full course payment is required upon enrolment.

COST: $1080.00 (Promotion Price $755)
(Full cost including the course materials and a map book)

STAGE FOUR: The Independent Assessment at DOT

Candidates are now able to book an appointment to carry out their independent assessment at DOT (details of this process will be discussed during the training program).

COST: No Charge

STAGE FIVE: Finding a Taxi To Drive

The majority of taxis in Perth operate on the Swan Taxi Network (incorporating Coastal Cabs and Yellow Cabs). This is a firm indication of the success of WA's own taxi service.

With all your training completed, you will be able to find a taxi to drive. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • by approaching a taxi owner
  • by approaching a Taxi Management Company
  • by using our job placement board at Swan Taxis Training Services

Please note that changes to the above information may be made before this web site is updated. To confirm the course outline and all prices please call the number below.

For more information and your questions answered, please phone Swan Taxis Training Services. Phone (08) 94222288.

To begin searching for a taxi to drive, have a look at our driver and owner classifieds section.